About Us
Since 1919 the Town of Lowell has supported a Labor Day Festival. Each year the festival was sponsored by different Civic groups that supported the community. This year there was no civic group to continue the Lowell Labor Day Festival tradition. But, a number of Lowell residents have banded together with the hope of continuing this honored tradition.  All members involved have graciously volunteered their time, talents and monetary donations to keep this tradition alive.  A committe was formed and officers were elected.  Our Chairman is Carl Ferro, Co-Chairperson Robin Johnston, Secretary Don DeFrance and Treasurer Terri Kelley.
Our Committee was formed in 2015 after it became known that no one was going to sponsor a Labor Day Festival this year. A group of regular Lowell Residents then decided to work hard to get a festival going. Few of us knew each other very well a few months ago when this all started as we came from all areas of this town (businesses, elected officials, some Town Committee members, American Legion members, and friends of friends), but we have become quite a solid group.
We have been asking businesses and residents for donations and sponsorships; however, I feel the need to explain ourselves a bit more to earn your confidence.
We secured an EIN# from the IRS, and opened a checking account with Centier Bank requiring 2 signatures per check. Many people on the committee have donated their own money to start the account (in fact as of this date over $1500 was from the Committee members alone) and that does not include all the hours and hours of planning and pounding the pavement visiting businesses asking for financial help that we have donated. If you would like to attend a meeting to see what is going on, please come to the American Legion on any Wednesday at 6PM. Our financial reports will be there for review as we are a transparent committee. Of course, we will also accept donations at that time too, if you prefer to personally deliver them! (smile here)!!!!
We are very excited to let you know that you WILL have a spectacular festival this year. We are sure it will come close to previous years. We have top named entertainment and great food vendors along with a beer tent (American Legion and Rt. 2 Brews). We have craft and non-food vendors and will also be having a "cookie baking contest" being supported by a sponsor and a “cutest dog contest”. We have the Lake County K9 Unit coming and a Corn Hole Tournament is being planned by a sponsor. And even more in the works.
WE ARE A SERIOUS GROUP, but a festival of this magnitude does cost money so if you are thinking of donating (but were hesitant), now is the time to help. We also still need volunteers. If you cannot attend a meeting, but want to help over the Labor Day Weekend, we would love to hear from you.
With Sincere Appreciation to the American Legion 
and With Respect for the Town of Lowell Residents,
Terri Kelley
Lowell Labor Day Festival  
Contact Information is as follows:
Robin Johnston-Chairperson (219) 805-1423 - General Information/Advertising
Deana Sutton 219-746-3619 - CoChairperson - General Information/Bean Bag Tournament
Phyllis DeFrance (219) 696-7774 Food Vendors, Legion Garage Sale

Joeilynn Schillaci-Townsley - 219-306-6596 Non-Food Vendors

Louis Townsley - 219-313-3274  Entertainment